{mirrors & walls}

Bathrooms, it seems, are commonly overlooked by the creative mind as they all to often become design blind-spots. For decor, a simple painting or ugly houseplant usually suffices.

We reject this notion.

Yes, a bathroom is a place reserved for shameful, private things, but it’s also a room in which, (perhaps more than anywhere else), we do the most “sitting around” and staring  at the objects around us. To this end, perhaps a bathroom should be one of the most immersive rooms in a house and be filled with the most provocative paraphernalia.

P.S.: We kind of wish that there was nothing mounted, but rather the entire wall was formed by the mirror mosaic. It would, after all, serve the same purpose that a conventional mirror does – an opportunity for a quick glance at oneself.

Just a thought.


{the spacial cadets}


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