Benjamin’s eating establishment in the Worner Student Center at the Colorado College has too many problems to talk about in one post. Subsequently, we at the spacial cadet society most often choose to dine in other locations. Simply, we find Benji’s design to be insulting and ignorant.

Those are the kindest words we can think of.

This particular image shows the north wall of Benji’s, just to the right of  the main entrance to Worner. As one could imagine, this proximity to the student center makes this is a very social and public place. Incidentally though, instead of opening up the place to the outside and allowing for a pleasant, warm-weather dining experience where friends can bump into friends (and uglies can bump uglies), a wall of windows isolates you and makes for a lonely atmosphere that encourages little more than people-watching.

As our society’s chief correspondent, Maxime, is member on the Rastall Renovation committee, we have brought this to your attention in hopes of inciting some change. Of course, we won’t know for sure until the committee begins their meetings with the architects, but remember to cross your fingers as they attempt to break down these outdated design barriers.

Rumble in the jungle,

{the spacial cadets}

  1. meow said:

    Benjamin’s is highly fucking gross.

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