This is the only pit of its kind on campus.

During our first investigation, we had no idea what to think. What is the purpose? Does it improve the look of the Armstrong lawn? Where are the animals? Upon further observation, we decided to like it. However, we appreciate that this is the only one on campus. Just as public temporary works are intriguing for their lack of endurance, solitary landscape-design choices can be attractive solely for their singularity. In this specific case, the curving pit contrasts with the rectilinear forms of Armstrong while relating by using brick for the walls. Let us know what you think, our initial ambivalence has turned into modest appreciation. Dangerous?

Dowsing forever,

{the spacial cadets}

  1. kimberly timbers said:

    in all seriousness Kimberly looves that pit. Everytime she walks by it it makes her a little bit happy because its odd yet draws her in. Some day she wants to have a sleep over in that pit.

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