{folksy sounds from sweden}

The simple fact is, she’s amazing. Her music is haunting, catchy, and even though her voice is sweet, there is a definite attitude. Indeed, her personal style seems to mirror her music perfectly – it’s understated and natural, yet somehow edgy and almost grungy.  We only want to see more of her.

Lykke Li:

…and of course, our favorite (feat. Bon Iver):

Jetsam and flotsam,

{the spacial cadets}

  1. yes. the song in the first video is a different sound for her – arguably more similar to the swede-folk of “first aid kit” than her debut album, which had an almost pop-esque vibe.

    “Folksy” is more fun than “folky” but you’re hypercritical – we get it.

  2. meow said:

    Lykke Li inspired my center part

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