{longest legs}

These pictures were taken by a spacial cadet in the capital city of Belmopan in Belize.  In strong juxtaposition with the dilapidated buildings of  the refugee city around it, (the capital moved to its current location after hurricane Hattie), this enormous abstract metal sculpture makes a big statement and really draws one’s attention. This structure stands amongst the grey government buildings in a small downtown plaza.

It seems that the exact purpose and history of this would be a question to ask a local.

P.S.: While one photo abstracts the structure and removes the form from the context of its surroundings, the other relegates it to background. Beauty and context…think about it.

Virility lasers,

{the spacial cadets}

1 comment
  1. ali said:

    I HEART THE NEW HEADER. I also like your face.

    and max is ok too.


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