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We’ll have the same title for our New Year post.

Here’s a light we recently came across that we think we really love, but have yet to see in person. If you’ve seen it in person feel free to wrap it and mail it our way for personal inspection, we won’t mind.

The lamp is a collection of LEDs, conceived and constructed by Humans Since 1982.

Luddites need not apply,

{the spacial cadets}


Hi everybody out there,

It’s about time the art and formality of the letterhead came back.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Nikola Tesla

Courtesy of

Every baby that’s born after today thanks you,

{the spacial cadets}

Baby baby,

The 1920’s are a recurring theme in my life. Maybe it’s because I started watching Boardwalk Empire, or maybe it’s because I’ve let the Charleston back into my dance-lexicon. I got my hair cut at a speakeasy where my barber maintained that I gave off a “1920’s vibe” (whatever that means). I suppose that I can’t deny that the romantic notion of a hyper-stylized, disobedient roaring 20’s is informing my aesthetic these days.

I found these just a couple of whiles ago and I just couldn’t wait to share them:

Perhaps, now that it may be contextualized en vogue, my prep wear has always been rooted more in a nostalgic plea for classic style and the adventurous spirit of the free-wheeling prohibition days.

Kitsuné Maison’s SS-12 collection is beautiful. The clothes have a subtle hint of the that boozing prep-flair. It’s enough to satisfy my craving, and pretty much sums up my serendipitous obsession.

If it feels right, do it.

Wide pant problems,

{the spacial cadets}

Neutrals to yellow.

It’s a most difficult sort of color transition, and Missoni has done it so well this season. Here is the video for their show. Love it, and if you can, live it.

The ETRO line is great (though quite conservative) as well. Their models may be drunk, uh oh, ‘w3 dont kn0w’. We do think their music is contemporary without being trendy, nouveau without being annoying, us while being more expensive…

my puffy,

{the spacial cadets}

This is a model for a proposed building on the Colorado College campus, which was designed and built by student Eugene Tan as part of the Regional Architecture class. While the model itself is incredibly detailed and we appreciate his craftsmanship, we especially  love the “pre-fab” style of its construction.

Eugene explains his work:

“The purpose of this project is to create a proposal for a new Asian Studies building – the idea was to propose a building instantly recognizable as a building for Asian Studies, yet without looking entirely out of place in the CC campus and surrounding area. The architecture was planned to encompass the 3 different regions of Oriental, South, and South East Asia, yet not have a single commanding architectural style.”


We think it would be successful.

Kuala Lumpur,

{the spacial cadets}

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