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Baby baby,

The 1920’s are a recurring theme in my life. Maybe it’s because I started watching Boardwalk Empire, or maybe it’s because I’ve let the Charleston back into my dance-lexicon. I got my hair cut at a speakeasy where my barber maintained that I gave off a “1920’s vibe” (whatever that means). I suppose that I can’t deny that the romantic notion of a hyper-stylized, disobedient roaring 20’s is informing my aesthetic these days.

I found these just a couple of whiles ago and I just couldn’t wait to share them:

Perhaps, now that it may be contextualized en vogue, my prep wear has always been rooted more in a nostalgic plea for classic style and the adventurous spirit of the free-wheeling prohibition days.

Kitsuné Maison’s SS-12 collection is beautiful. The clothes have a subtle hint of the that boozing prep-flair. It’s enough to satisfy my craving, and pretty much sums up my serendipitous obsession.

If it feels right, do it.

Wide pant problems,

{the spacial cadets}

Arakawa & Gins’ Experience Park in Yoro Park, Gifu, Japan. Spacial Cadet society member Maxime visited this in February, a decade long dream of his. Upon entering the space, he immediately began to feel cleaved, out of balance, and more in tune with his landing zones (to borrow a few phrases from the artists themselves). If you are interested in rethinking your physical and spiritual orientation in the world, this place is for you, fellow cadet.

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{the spacial cadets}

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