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It’s always impressive to see that people – even in the 1960s – will always find creativity in humor and humor in creativity.



Chamber pot,

{the spacial cadets}


n55 is a design group with a political mission. They see human need exploited by concentrations of power, and human interaction infected with power games and competition.

Even before we met Craigslist and Occupy Wall Street, people were looking to live without the hegemony of power and to interact with one-another without competition or profit. n55 has tapped into this sentiment, and looks to improve our human situation through design and programming. ROOMS is a personal favorite of ours.

n55 exists only when engaged. The projects and products are designed for anyone at any ability level. As we interact with the manuals, n55’s vision is brought to life. So go, spacial cadets, you are all part of n55, you just have yet to participate.

They live at this address:

Missing Harrison Ford rom-coms,

{the spacial cadets}

We’ll have the same title for our New Year post.

Here’s a light we recently came across that we think we really love, but have yet to see in person. If you’ve seen it in person feel free to wrap it and mail it our way for personal inspection, we won’t mind.

The lamp is a collection of LEDs, conceived and constructed by Humans Since 1982.

Luddites need not apply,

{the spacial cadets}

Hi everybody out there,

It’s about time the art and formality of the letterhead came back.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Nikola Tesla

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Every baby that’s born after today thanks you,

{the spacial cadets}

This applies to us:


This applies to you:

Yesterday, one of our spacial cadets visited us in NYC. Whist boozing, using, losing, and listening to music, our comp-uterus’ shuffle began playing Wanderlust, from Björk’s 2007 album, Volta.

The ensuing discussion came to a couple of conclusions:

2) First, We are in L O V E with Björk (pronounced: batshit-crazy). She is a prime example of how genius and insanity are essentially two sides of the same Incubus cassette.

1ne) Björk’s new Biophillia project is, albeit somewhat clumsy at times, a very innovative way of experiencing music. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Björk’s album is named for the biophillia hypothesis, which is the notion that human beings are universally and subconsciously linked to all other living things. Björk’s project is an iOS app that allows you to listen to the album whilst touching and manipulating a diverse array of mini-games and applets. It’s a very engaging, holistic way to experience music. You can check it out: hear. Or, just watch the intro:

4st) Björk is adorable. Watch her explain/discover/invent how a television works.

#) Her new album, musically, is great. Listen to Crystalline:

Have it her way.

Move over,

{the spacial cadets}

Arakawa & Gins’ Experience Park in Yoro Park, Gifu, Japan. Spacial Cadet society member Maxime visited this in February, a decade long dream of his. Upon entering the space, he immediately began to feel cleaved, out of balance, and more in tune with his landing zones (to borrow a few phrases from the artists themselves). If you are interested in rethinking your physical and spiritual orientation in the world, this place is for you, fellow cadet.

and for further inquiries into a similar subject, we present this essay


{the spacial cadets}

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