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Dear Bear Lake Reader’s Digest Readership,

Lazy Sunday/lazy Susan/blasé sundae,

{the spacial cadets}


What’s the difference between a fart machine and “womp womp” dubstep?

Homemade bubbles,

{the spacial cadets}

Kanye West’s Runaway is many things – a magnum opus, an audio-visual experience seeped in West’s obsession with design, and perhaps above all, a hipster’s dream come true.

(What we’re saying, Kanye, is that we’re trying to get on board.)

There’s something pretentious about it, though. That is, the “in-fashion” art direction and blatant desire to be some sort of “art film” come across, at least to us, as simultaneously desperate and condescending. By no means does this render the film unwatchable, but it certainly makes it a somewhat awkward experience. The actors are beautiful, but they just can’t seem to deliver a believable line. It’s emotionless and the whole thing just doesn’t feel natural to us.

The music, of course, is great, and the visuals are, when not overly computerized, beautiful, and the despite that the acting is terrible, there’s enough charm in the fact that Ebanks is stunning and West is dapper to make it alright. All in all, we really do want to like it.

For now though, it feels like a mere music video – eye candy level entertainment worth little else. It’s fun, pretty, and an aural treat, and if you’re able to ignore the “painfully-trendy” feeling of it all, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Here goes nothing…

Tramp stamp,

{the spacial cadets}

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