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n55 is a design group with a political mission. They see human need exploited by concentrations of power, and human interaction infected with power games and competition.

Even before we met Craigslist and Occupy Wall Street, people were looking to live without the hegemony of power and to interact with one-another without competition or profit. n55 has tapped into this sentiment, and looks to improve our human situation through design and programming. ROOMS is a personal favorite of ours.

n55 exists only when engaged. The projects and products are designed for anyone at any ability level. As we interact with the manuals, n55’s vision is brought to life. So go, spacial cadets, you are all part of n55, you just have yet to participate.

They live at this address:

Missing Harrison Ford rom-coms,

{the spacial cadets}


Hi everybody out there,

It’s about time the art and formality of the letterhead came back.

Frank Lloyd Wright


Nikola Tesla

Courtesy of

Every baby that’s born after today thanks you,

{the spacial cadets}

Baby baby,

The 1920’s are a recurring theme in my life. Maybe it’s because I started watching Boardwalk Empire, or maybe it’s because I’ve let the Charleston back into my dance-lexicon. I got my hair cut at a speakeasy where my barber maintained that I gave off a “1920’s vibe” (whatever that means). I suppose that I can’t deny that the romantic notion of a hyper-stylized, disobedient roaring 20’s is informing my aesthetic these days.

I found these just a couple of whiles ago and I just couldn’t wait to share them:

Perhaps, now that it may be contextualized en vogue, my prep wear has always been rooted more in a nostalgic plea for classic style and the adventurous spirit of the free-wheeling prohibition days.

Kitsuné Maison’s SS-12 collection is beautiful. The clothes have a subtle hint of the that boozing prep-flair. It’s enough to satisfy my craving, and pretty much sums up my serendipitous obsession.

If it feels right, do it.

Wide pant problems,

{the spacial cadets}

Neutrals to yellow.

It’s a most difficult sort of color transition, and Missoni has done it so well this season. Here is the video for their show. Love it, and if you can, live it.

The ETRO line is great (though quite conservative) as well. Their models may be drunk, uh oh, ‘w3 dont kn0w’. We do think their music is contemporary without being trendy, nouveau without being annoying, us while being more expensive…

my puffy,

{the spacial cadets}

Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.

It isn’t often we showcase other blogs. We may blogroll – maybe even pilfer – but blogs themselves are rarely the subject of a post. We did, however, want to give an example of the internet at work. It’s an enormous place with little distance between what it holds, and sometimes you can’t help but discover wonderful blogs.

Trawling for design, ROLU, the site in question, discovered this project on the blog of a Hong Kong university student:

Up from the deep.

The chairs are constructed of simple plywood and could easily be reproduced with minimal costs by anyone with a hammer, saw, and nails.

They were originally constructed by ROLU themselves.

The entire x-chair post can be found ici, and ROLU’s site is definitely worth a gander or two.


Clam potential,

{the spacial cadets}

Colorado College recently hosted a summer class entitled “Vernacular Architecture: The Yurt.”

In constructing a yurt, the class was educated on the history of yurts and countless handicraft, woodworking, and construction techniques. Led by Professor Scott Johnson, the students succeeded in building what we here at the society see as one of the most beautiful and sublime objects ever to come out of the college. All programming and design work was arrived at by group consensus, while all components are made by hand. The wood was sourced from Casey’s Lumber and either comes from Colorado or the campus itself.

Students, faculty, staff: This yurt is yours to use. As part of the programming, anyone at the college is able to make use of this for academic or personal endeavors.,

{spacial cadet society}

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